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How to Buy and Sell African Art Online. Listen to David Norden Tips and Some Stories...

VIDEO: An Objectionable Practice In African Art

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Buy Genuine African Antiques Art from David Norden's collection. 

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David Norden
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We advise great collections since 1992 !

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...I enjoyed our evening together and our discussions very much.  
It is always a pleasure to entertain more sophisticated minds 
on the subject of art, and in such a relaxed way.  
The Mende Bundu helmet is a significant addition to my collection, 
and settled in the moment you placed it on my table, 
it wasn't going to leave myµµ house from that moment !  
         Chris Wild, an African Art scholar and private collector in Normandy

David,  The fine “croc” arrived safe and sound, and, as described, it is absolutely stunning. Many “Thank” for providing the opportunity to acquire this superb looking piece. Most appreciated...! Cheers, Billy F Gibbons, Houston, Texas, USA
              Billy Gibbons is a member of the ZZ-Top rock group and a big collector of tribal arts.

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For all objects availability and questions please email David Norden or call on: +32(0)3 227.35.40  and we will be happy to assist.

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Special Easter Selection

An Objectionable Practice In African Art

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David Norden African Art Antiques advises collectors of genuine African Art since 1992.

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Kongo across the Waters

Susan Cooksey ... Brand New Big book with 458 pp. This exhibition about Kongo art across the Waters is traveling to a number of American museums in 2014

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tribal arts of africaTribal Arts of Africa- A basic tribes book with 800 images, perfecdt to identify the tribes of your objects.

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We select objects on distinctive aesthetic quality, authenticity, rarity, age and provenance.

Our Shop is located in Antwerp - Belgium,  and we have a few times a year a Pop-Up Shop in foreign countries and international Art Fairs around the world. 

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