Dogon mask
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dogon mask from the Harrie Heinemans collections

old dogon mask dogon mask from the Harrie Heinemans collections

Dogon mask as published in september 2010

Dogon mask, Sagana
Provenance : Harrie Heinemans (1921-1995)
Kuba mask Ngaady aMwaash
Provenance : Marie-Jeanne Walschot


Dogon Mask . Satimbe Mask or Kanaga mask

provenance: Harrie Heinemans, Netherland
probable age: End  XVII- early XVIIIth century
Very old aging signs
H: 31 cm  cm (without it's stand - included in the price)

Dogon mask Harrie Heinemans collectionprice: sold

Dogon Mask Information request of availability

"At the Dogon of Mali, myths where collected by Marcel Griaule that illustrates the process which leads to the creation of the masks. 

Ok tell me if you want it, this is a genuine old Dogon mask, XIXth century .

The abstracted facial form is based on that of a twenty-foot-long "great mask" that is carried but not worn and that functions as an ancestral effigy of the first death. All Dogon masks lead the spirits of the deceased toward the ancestral realm. 

There are nearly eighty styles of Dogon masks, and for the most part they all utilize the use of various geometric shapes in their design, independent of the
various animals they are supposed to represent. Most masks have large geometric eyes and stylized features and are often painted or colored with various substances. The Dogon continue an ancient masquerading tradition called "Dama" which commemorates the origin of death. Dama memorial ceremonies
are held to accompany the dead into the ancestral realm and restore order to the universe. In these ceremonies there are a large number of performers, often a few hundred, and it is considered absolutely necessary to the ceremony. 

A group of Dogon dancers: Image source: Eliot Elisofon Photographic Archives


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Dances of AfricaDances of Africa, Art and Ritual of Africa - by Michel Huet

, "African Art in American Collections, Survey 1989",Robbins (Warren M.) and Nooter (Nancy Ingram) Washington/London: Smithsonian Institution Press, 1989:51, #3

Sotheby's New York, 20 May 1987. Lot 34, illus 
Sotheby's-New York, 25 May 1999. Lot 367, color illus.
Artcurial, Paris, 2 July 2003. Lot 11, color illus.

Conversations with OgotemmeliConversations with Ogote... Marcel Griaule, Ge...

"Dogon religion is seen through the eyes elder of exceptional intellectual attainments.... It is good to have this material now in English."

--Anthropological Forum

Dogon masks by Barbara DeMott


Dogon-mask-heinemans-close.jpg (99995 bytes)


The better known Kanaga and Sirige masks are followed in the dama ceremony by masks that evoke the behavior of some of the animals that inhabit the regions where the Dogon live and hunt.

They include among others - antelopes, hares, lions, hyenas, cows, birds and monkeys.


Heinemans, Harrie (1921-1995, 19 September) & Pinke (1931-1999)

       Artist/dealer/coll. Eindhoven-The Netherlands. Started collecting around 1955. Painter, he inspired a lot of Dutch people to collect African Art. Author: The Pleasure of collecting African Art. Eindhoven, The Netherlands, 1986.

(source Who is Who in African Art - Guy Van Rijn.)

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 price: sold

Dogon Mask Information request of availability

Dogon mask profileDogon-mask-heinemans-back2.jpg (94060 bytes) Dogon-mask-heinemans-back-close.jpg (106158 bytes)

Dogon-mask-heinemans-signature.jpg (81998 bytes)Tell me if you are interested in this genuine and old Dogon mask.

probable age: XVIIth century

Provenance: Harrie Heinemans collection

Signature inside : BX197 probably referring to Brussels ?

H: 31  cm (without it's stand) Stand will be included.

price:  sold

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